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March 18th, 2012


This story first appeared in the "Joe Friday" section of the online "Investigative Post."  You can find it at

George Maziarz is probably Western New York’s most powerful state legislator. The Newfane Republican represents the 62nd District, which includes all of Niagara County outside the City of Niagara Falls, Orleans County and the western portion of Monroe County.

He has served in the Senate since 1995  and is currently chairman of the Energy and Telecommunications Committee and Vice President Pro Tempore. Maziarz’s stature has position him to raise a lot of campaign funds.

Here’s Joe Friday’s look at Maziarz’s campaign contributions since January 1999, when the state Board of Elections began tracking donations online.

Total contributions since 1999:$3,767,175

Number of itemized contributions:5,649

Average contribution:$604

Median contribution:$300

Contributions of $1,000 or more:1,120

Contributions of $5,000 or more:95

Largest one-time contribution:$15,000 by the Niagara County Republican Committee in 2000.

Largest contributors, 1999-January 2012

         Smokin’ Joe’s, $55,674

         David Ulrich, $43,050

         VOTE COPE PAC, $39,337

         Modern Disposal and affiliated companies, $37,135

         Niagara Fall Redevelopment LLC, $36,966

         LAWPAC, $32,900

         Fashion Outlets of Niagara, $29,500

         IBEW, $29,228

         NTA Data Services, $28,500

         Harris Beach, $27,000

         Bradley Cohen, $25,600

         Niagara County Republican Committee, $23,000

         Empire State Association of Adult Homes, $22,750

         Empire State Petroleum PAC, $21,650

         ATU NY COPE Fund, $20,600

         Harry’s Harbor Place, $20,415

Contributions since 2007(last three election cycles): $1,823,606

Largest contributors from 2007 to January 2012:

         Fashion Outlets of Niagara, $29,600

         Smokin’ Joe’s, $29,000

         David Ulrich, $28,800

         Schlesinger family and company, $27,000

         Modern Disposal and affiliated companies, $25,437

         Josh, Gayle Yashar, $19,000

         Verizon PAC, $18,500

         NTS Data Services, $18,500

         LAWPAC, $18,500

         AES PAC, $17,811

         IBEW, $16,948

         Niagara Falls Redevelopment LLC, $16,700

         SEIU PAC, $15,500

         VOTE COPE PAC, $15,100

         Howard, Edward Milstein, $15,000

         Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Co, $14,500

         Harris Beach, $14,000

         Committee to Promote Upstate Manufacturing, $13,500

         Laborer’s Union, $12,650

         ATU NY COPE Fund, $12,500

         AFL-CIO, $12,000

         Time-Warner PAC, $11,500

         IPPNY PAC, $11,221

         Phillips Lytle, $11,099

         Seneca Nation, $11,000

         Henry Sloma, $10,800

         Anthony Bergamo, $10,000

         River York LLC, $10,000

Contributions by election cycle

         2011-12: $563,834 (through Jan. 15)

         2009-10: $547,569

         2007-08: $712,202

         2005-06: $725,865

         2003-04: $499,452

         2001-02: $411,062

Campaign fund balance:$728,807 as of Jan. 15


Data retrieval and formatting by Andrew Bailey of Primary Data.

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