WFP Calls on Maziarz to Withdraw Stand Your Ground bill

April 22nd, 2012

The killing of Trayvon Martin has made the dangers of Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" law clear to every American. This is the law that gives people the right to "shoot first, and ask questions later." Sadly, Florida is not the only state with this kind of law on the books.

In fact, 24 states have passed similar laws. Most are based on model legislation produced by the corporate lobbying group ALEC.[1] And if State Senator George Maziarz has his way, New York could be next -- he’s introduced a bill to make New York a "stand your ground" state, too.

We’re asking Senator Maziarz to withdraw the bill. Common sense, and common decency, require that he do so.

Sign our petition calling on Senator Maziarz to withdraw this dangerous legislation.

“Stand Your Ground” laws give people the right to use deadly force if they fear for their safety, without needing to look for a safe way out.

Some lawmakers saw Trayvon’s death coming. "I don't think you ought to be able to kill people that are walking toward you on the street because of this subjective belief that you're worried that they may get in a fight with you," Florida State Senator Steve Geller said in opposition to the proposal back in 2005.[2]

Police chiefs in Florida tried to stop the bill. But the NRA and ALEC’s lobbying was too strong. And, as the police chiefs predicted, the law has led to more violence.

"Justifiable homicides" have tripled in Florida since Governor Jeb Bush signed the law in 2005.[3] Nobody knows how many George Zimmermans there are, but one is one too many.

Senator Maziarz should not make New York the 25th state to go down this dangerous path. 

We've seen what these laws can do: they enable needless violence – they don’t prevent it. We don't have to make this mistake in New York.

Sign our petition to demand that State Senator Maziarz withdraw his Stand Your Ground bill immediately.


-George Gresham
President, 1199 SEIU
WFP Leader

P.S. -- Did you see WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor's blog post on Trayvon's death? I hope you'll take a look and share your thoughts. Many already have.

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Posted by proudafmom2 on May 25th, 2012 5:10pm
I met with senator Maziarz today with zero expectations that truth or facts has anything to do with his lawmaking lack of ability. I was right. In the face of data and empirical research in written proof that his laws do not work he still supported them without any reason except vote mongering in an election year. He had politically correct answers with no basis in fact even when I gave him proof that the Judges that have to abide by his laws do not agree with them to the tune of 70% or better. TIME FOR CHANGE!!!! VOTE DESTINO!!!
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