The Coalition of Niagara County Employees plan to rally on Tuesday (PRESS RELEASE)

May 15th, 2012

The Coalition of Niagara County Public Employees has announced their plans to sponsor a rally in support of all phases of labor. The rally will be held on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 in the parking lot of the Niagara County Courthouse at 5:30 P.M. The coalition is made up of county unions, AFSCME, CSEA, Niagara County Probation Officers, Teamsters, NCDSA and NCPBA. Additionally, the coalition maintains a strong following of 1200 plus members.

Since being appointed to the position of County Manager, Jeff Glatz has repeatedly and indirectly let it be known that those individuals that comprise the public employees unions, are basically unimportant. The coalition feels his words, and subsequent actions have become the biggest threat, not only to all county employees, but to all of organized labor in Niagara County in general. This is nothing but a blatant attack on the hard working middle class that make up a majority of the county taxpayers. The rally is being held to protest what the Coalition feels is the biggest threat to Labor ever in Niagara County and to oppose the county’s position of numerous issues designated to destroy the middle class labor. Just a few of the issues are denial of agreed upon step increases for county employees, the county’s failure to share relevant data pursuant to contract negotiations, miss-use of county funds for political patronage and so on.

The Coalition of Niagara County Public Employees will be marching along with all of the Union Brotherhood and Sisterhood, both public and private. It is the hopes of the coalition that the public will heed the call and join in before the county ruins the same taxpayers that have made our county great.

Bill Rutland  
President AFSCME Local 182
Niagara County Blue Collar Employees

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Posted by NCBLUECOLLAR on May 11th, 2012 5:51am
Niagara County Manager and the Majority Caucus he represents are using Health Insurance Contributions as a political tool. Jeff Glatz has repeatedly failed to recognize the coalition of six county unions efforts to seek ways to explore ways to reduce costs of Healthcare. This County Legislature, under his advice, has reduced personnel that: Plow, Salt, and Maintain County Roads, Prepare, and Serve Meals to Senior Citizens, Clean, Maintain, and provide security for County Buildings. They have not cut one position in Adminisration or Management, and will not reveal to us wage increases given to Non-Union Employees. Please Come out on Tuesday May 15 to send a message to The Niagara County Legislature that we will not be a tool for them!!!!
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