June 17th, 2013

Niagara County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster say the Niagara County Legislature
leasing store space for voting machines is a waste of taxpayers’ money and symbolic of 
how the Republican dominated legislature conducts business.  The Republicans in the 
legislature blocked a move by Democrats to seek competitive proposals for leasing 
storage space.
   The voting machines are stored in a building owned Lockport developer and Republican 
campaign donor, David Ulrich. The county pays more than $86,000 a year for space in a 
60-year old building Ulrich purchased for $75,000. “It’s a sweet heart deal for a 
Republican sugar daddy,” Forster says. “We live in the second highest taxed county 
in the nation and the Republicans are more interested in taking care of their cronies 
and campaign contributors than saving money for already overburdened taxpayers.”

   Democratic Minority Leader, Dennis Virtuoso is pushing to shop around and seek bids 
for storage space but Republicans have stalled that proposal in a committee. “This is 
so typical of how one-party rule works in the legislature and why change is long 
overdue,” Forster says. “The Democrats come up with a plan to save money and the 
Republicans won’t even give the proposal a fair hearing. This November the people of 
Niagara County can change that way of doing business.”

   The Republicans plan to take up the lease issue next year. “With some new faces in 
the legislature, committed to change and fairness, we can give the people of Niagara 
County the kind of government they deserve,” Forster says.        

   For additional information contact Bill Gallagher, Niagara County Democratic 
Committee email-, home phone 716 405-7359, cell 248 631-9189.      

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