May 18th, 2014

 Niagara County Democratic Chairman Nick Forster said State Senator George Maziarz should resign after the Moreland Commission found the lawmaker shelled out more than $140,000 in campaign funds over a six-year period without identifying what was purchased with the campaign money.

  Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed the now disbanded Moreland Commission to investigate corruption in Albany and lawmakers’ the use of campaign funds.  The Moreland Commission found Maziarz, the third-ranking  Republican in the State Senate, had the biggest level of campaign money spending without documentation according to “City and State,” a public affairs journal.

   “Maziarz has used campaign donations as a personal slush fund for his benefit along with his family and political cronies,” Forster said. “This has been going on for far too long and it’s time the U. S. Attorney and State Attorney General investigate the full range of questionable campaign spending the Maziarz political machine uses to wield power,” Forster said.

   According to “ City and State”: “ The commission found that Maziarz campaign doled out more than $125,000 at retailers such as Target and BJ’s Wholesale Club, including $56,250 in expenditures that investigators concluded had not been reported.

   Another $10,000 from the senator’s re-election funds went to  specialty chocolatiers, a florist and wineries and wine stores. The campaign committee also paid $7850 worth of reading materials at Borders, Readers Digest and Barnes&Noble with $2000 labeled as ‘ unreported’ by the Commission.”

   The Moreland Commission found an outfit called MEM Enterprises received $39,000 from the Maziarz campaign. City and State traced MEM’s company address to Marvin Maziarz, the senator’s broth and retired Niagara County Community College professor.

   “ Campaign funds should be used for legitimate purposes and there must be accountability for the use of those funds,” Forster said. “ Wines, chocolates, flowers, toys and money for relatives should be fully explained and the public has every right to know the truth, “ Forster said. “ George Maziarz is the C.E.O. of the powerful political machine with the gears oiled by campaign money. He should resign from the State Senate so the people can have real representation instead of the corrupt system where all that matters is campaign money spent with little or no accountability,” Forster said.



For additional information contact Bill Gallagher Niagara County Democratic Committee, phone 716 405-7359, cell 248 405-7359

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