Another Unqualified Patronage Hire - Town of Wheatfield Edition

July 29th, 2015

Another Unqualified Patronage Hire - Town of Wheatfield Edition

Source: Buffalo News

Source: Niagara Gazette


         The Town of Wheatfield has just adopted a $40,000 a year GOP political dependent from Niagara Falls who admitted in today's Buffalo News that he's accepted a position with the Town of Wheatfield so the Niagara County GOP doesn't have to pay his salary any longer:

              "The job doesn’t require [Vinny] Sandonato to move into Wheatfield or give up his city GOP chairmanship. However, he said he would give up a consulting arrangement he was given by the county GOP in January, under which he has received four payments of $1,500 each.

“Now I’m off the payroll. I work for the Town of Wheatfield and the Niagara County Republicans will not pay me another penny,” Sandonato said."

Outraged yet? 

According to the articles, there will be a civil service test offered for this generous position -

no experience required!

If you are interested in applying for this part-time $800/week civil service position, please

call Supervisor Bob Cliff at Wheatfield Town Hall (716) 694-6440 and ask how you can sign

up for the test.

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