Jeff Abbott Announces Bid for Niagara County Legislature, 10th District

March 15th, 2017

Jeff Abbott Announces Bid for Niagara County Legislature, 10th District

I will be running for Niagara County Legislator in the 10th District. I look forward to a new chapter and challenge in my life but rest assured I promise to bring grit, integrity and hard work to every phase of this. I am undoubtedly an underdog in this race as the incumbent is a long standing member of this community and has served a long tenure. All I can say is I feel there needs to be a balance in government and Niagara county lacks that. I am committed to see our county reach the potential it has, attract jobs for the people and assure our emergency services are adequately equiped and supported to do the work that is necessary. I know my background and the lessons I have learned, although sometimes hard, have provided me the skill set necessary to make good decisions that are in the best interest of Niagara county and the people within it, be it visitor or resident. Most of you reading this already know me. You know I'm supporter of our 2A rights, our labor unions and jobs, an avid outdoorsman which in and of itself makes me a conservationist. I know we all will never agree on everything but I know that with a respectful and professional behavior and a commitment to what is good and right progress will be made. I thank those who support me and can't wait to hopefully serve my community in a totally different capacity than I am used to.

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