D'Angelo Digest: Week in Review

March 27th, 2017

D'Angelo Digest: Week in Review

It is my opinion that - regardless of political party affiliation - this is not okay. I would call out Democrats for this type of behavior equally as I am now with the Republicans. I think we need to bring Niagara County in a new direction. One without backroom deals or putting your own self-interest above those of the people you are elected to represent.

The fact that "it happens" or "is a part of politics" should not be the default answer people have when faced with the question of whether these types of activities are okay. I am extremely hopeful for our community, but creating a perception or culture of corruption is not furthering that belief. Take a look at the headlines from the past few weeks and let me know if this is a perception you are okay with coloring our community.


Someone spent $151,000 of Maziarz's campaign funds . . . but who? Buffalo News on February 18

Attorney General subpoenas key figures in Maziarz orbit, Buffalo News on March 3

Probe of Maziarz and his campaign funds widen, Buffalo News on March 10

Maziarz Political machine lines up to testify before Grand Jury, Buffalo News on March 11

Probe of Maziarz campaign funds handed over to Erie County DA, Buffalo News on March 13

Wife of successor, Lockport business owners now part of Maziarz probe, Niagara Gazette on March 13

Sen. Rob Ortt, ex-Sen. George Maziarz facing charges, Niagara Gazette on March 22

Former Niagara County GOP Chair, Henry Wojtaszek, pleads guilty in Maziarz probe, Buffalo News on March 22

Ortt, Maziarz plead not-guilty to charges, Niagara Gazette on March 23

Attorney General Schneiderman announces felony indictment of Senator Robert Ortt and former state Senator George Maziarz, Office of the Attorney General on March 23

No-show jobs, secret payments, key in Ortt, Maziarz cases, Buffalo News on March 24


***Please keep in mind that George Maziarz and Robert Ortt are innocent until proven guilty and should be afforded the same right to a fair and impartial trial as any other citizen***

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