Pendleton GOP Town Supervisor Raises Taxes 123%

April 11th, 2017

Pendleton GOP Town Supervisor Raises Taxes 123%

A report from our Town of Pendleton Democratic Committee Chairman Jim Sacco


I went to the Pendleton Town Board meeting today and asked the following questions:


Questions to Pendleton Town Board:


Over the past few years the Town Board in Pendleton has cut the Town Taxes each year.  


I believe that we we were at the point to where we could have eliminated the Town Tax this year.


I looked at this year’s Town Budget and see that the Town Tax is  going up 123% based on the tax rate for last year.


So it seems we are going in a different direction.  


What benefit does this large Town Tax increase have for the homeowners/taxpayers in the Town of Pendleton??


How does this town tax increase compare to what other neighboring towns are doing??

The Town Supervisor said that my tax rate didn't go up 123%.  He said that although the Town Tax went up, we had a savings in different areas, and there was only a modest 3.7% increase in taxes.
He said that by not increasing the Town Tax that Seniors would not get the funding they needed as well as the Veterans.
I didn't agree with him.
I showed him my tax bill which is attached.

I showed how the town tax went up 123% and the other decreases that he talked about were very modest (smaller). 
The refuse decreased 3.6% but that decrease was small and due to competition.  Pendleton Water went down 26% but that was insignificant.
Town Taxes should have been eliminated last year.  He could not answer my questions.
He didn't state any comparison to taxes in other municipalities.
I really think the Town of Pendleton Town Board does not truly understand their budget.

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Posted by JimSaccoII on April 11th, 2017 8:07pm
It is complicated and difficult to understand and explain. But it is sad that none of the Pendleton Town Board members seem to know about municipal budgeting.
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