Press Release Issued by Lockport Democratic Committee

September 18th, 2017

Press Release Issued by Lockport Democratic Committee

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City Democrats Call For Farrell to Withdraw From Second Ward Race

Lockport City Democratic Committee Chairman Roger Sherrie today accused republican backed Second Ward candidate Amanda Farrell of fabricating “fake news” and demanded she withdraw from the race for Second Ward Alderwoman.

In a letter Farrell mailed to registered democrat voters just days before the election, she wrote ”At the beginning of the election process, as a courtesy to party leadership, I submitted my resume and letter of interest in running for elected office to our party expecting to receive some guidance as how to get involved and better our community. As primary day is now upon us, I’ve still received no acknowledgement from our chairman and have been denied the opportunity to even discuss the issues that matter most to the residents…”

“The only problem with Farrell’s narrative,” said Sherrie, “is that it’s 100% totally false, 100% made up.”

“Amanda Farrell never once wrote to me, never once emailed me or the City Committee, never once telephoned, never once left a voicemail message or never once sent a text message., Amanda Farrell never once contacted me,” declared Sherrie.

“Everything Amanda Farrell wrote in the letter is a lie,” said Sherrie.  “Even worse, she fabricated this fake story to imply our endorsement process was rigged. Nothing could be further from the truth. Amanda Farrell took a page straight out of the Donald Trump playbook,” he said.

“Candidates are often accused of stretching the truth when it comes to political campaigns,” Sherrie said, “but writing and mailing something that is knowingly false, could rise to the level of a crime.”

Sherrie said he will be writing to the State Board of Elections, on behalf of the City Democratic Committee, demanding that Farrell be investigated. “At the very least, Farrell should have enough integrity to withdraw from the race for 2nd Ward Alderwoman.”

Sherrie said the democrats’ endorsement procedure was announced in a December 2016 press release which included contact information. He said he was willing to take a polygraph exam to support his claims and wondered if Farrell would be willing to do the same.


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