City Republican Committee Fails at Rebuking City Mailer

November 3rd, 2017

City Republican Committee Fails at Rebuking City Mailer

A political flyer mailed by the city Democratic Party alleges a GOP committeeman and Niagara Falls City Council candidate are not the fiscally responsible individuals they claim to be. 

The flyer, which began appearing this week, says William Carroll, the city GOP Party chairman, pled guilty to grand larceny and forgery charges 27 years ago. It also claims city council hopeful Robert Pascoal, a Republican and local landlord, owes more than $4,500 in property taxes. 

Pascoal disputed the allegations made against him, saying “simply put, it is a lie.” Carroll called the Buffalo News story cited by Democrats “accurate” on Thursday. 


The News described Carroll as a city of Buffalo-based stockbroker who orchestrated a “desperate bid to recoup losses,” which “cost one of the nation’s major investment concerns about $1 million, according to law enforcement sources.”

Carroll’s charges stemmed from a federal probe of money transfers between client accounts at Prudential-Bache, where Carroll worked before the brokerage firm dismissed him and requested the review.

Prosecutors could only directly link Carroll to a portion of the losses and chose not to “risk an acquittal by a jury confused by complex stockbrokerage dealings,” according to the News.

“Carroll pleaded guilty Aug. 8 to three felony counts under a plea deal that will force him to repay only $32,000 to head off a grand jury probe and possible indictment on even more charges,” the article states.

The headline that ran above the story in the News called the procedures a “scam” that saw “customers victimized by broker.” Carroll said he did not expect the charges to become a “big deal,” but on Thursday called his past decisions a “bad mistake” and “almost cowardly.” 

“I made a boneheaded decision 30 years ago and paid clients half-a-million dollars of my own money to restore losses,” he said in a telephone call.

Gordy Stewart III, Carroll’s counterpart in the city Democratic Party, said the information begs the question of, “How can we trust people who don’t have integrity when it comes to finances?” he said in a telephone call Thursday. Stewart said he would not call for Carroll’s resignation, but said they need to “select better leadership.”

“I’d leave it up to the Republican voters in the city to make that decision,” he said.

Carroll said he does not feel residents should question his oversight of the party committee, which takes in donations from the public, corporate entities and other political parties and candidates.

“I paid my price,” he said, noting that he worked to pay back the losses.

The Democratic mailer takes direct aim at Pascoal.


The front of the flyer show photographs of four Republicans, including former state Sen. George Maziarz, in the midst of fighting state charges related to an election law violations, and former Niagara County GOP Chairman Henry Wojtaszek, who pled guilty to an election law violation earlier this year.

On the reverse side, the mailer reads: “Who would trust their tax dollars to a tax dodger? Republican Robert Pascoal says he’s the voice of fiscal responsibility, but ... He’s not responsible enough to pay his own taxes.” It lists $4,669.50 in unpaid local taxes. Stewart said the information was obtained by the party through an anonymous letter containing city tax bills.

“When you have a council candidate who claims he’s a fiscal watchdog and wants to make decisions on taxpayers dollars, it’s unnerving he isn’t paying his taxes himself,” Stewart said. 

Pascoal produced receipts for most of the bills that were claimed as back taxes by the Democrats and responded to the allegations in a prepared statement.

“I have been accused of owing back taxes on my rental property. Simply put, it is a lie. To prove it, I went to the source. I went to the city of Niagara Falls Billing and Collections Department and requested paid receipts. I made copies for the newspapers because my reputation in Niagara Falls is solid,” he said.

“I produced that proof in one hour. So why did Niagara Falls Democratic Chairman, Mr. Gordon Stewart III, send out thousands of mailers spreading that lie about me and so close to election day? Mr. Stewart, where is your moral compass?

“I really don’t care what Gordy Stewart and his machine have to say. The people of Niagara Falls are fed up with these games. They want solutions. We’re going to clean up this city, street by street, and correct our finances at the same time,” Pascoal


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