Lockport City Democrats File FOIL Request over Special Waste Drop-Off, Blasts Eggert, Farrell

November 3rd, 2017

Lockport City Democrats File FOIL Request over Special Waste Drop-Off, Blasts Eggert, Farrell

Lockport City Democratic Committee Chairman Roger Sherrie today said he has filed a Freedom of Information Law request with the City Clerk over the “Special Waste Drop Off” held September 23rd at Lockport Town Hall. Sherrie said he has requested all “correspondence, emails, telephone records and meeting notes” from Mayor McCaffrey, Corporation Counsel John Ottaviani, City Clerk Pasceri, Council President David Wohleben and Aldermen Joseph Oates and Richard Abbott.

“The fact Senator Ortt would turn a public event into such a partisan political affair is unconscionable”, said Sherrie. “The fact only elected Republican or endorsed Republican officials were included as sponsors on a postcard mailing to area residents is shameful and an abuse of his office”, he added.

Sherrie said elected or endorsed Democrat officials Joe O’Shaughnessy, Anita Mullane and Mark Devine “were not even aware of the Special Waste Drop-Off prior to the mailing let alone contacted to be sponsors.”

City Democrats question whether taxpayer funds were used for the mailing and believe Senator Ortt and the Republican sponsors should have reported this mailing on their State Board of Elections campaign disclosure reports. They did not, according to Sherrie. “This is but another example of how local Republican officials collude with each other to mislead area residents”, said Sherrie.

Sherrie said a similar Freedom of Information Law request will be filed with the County on Monday and party officials are considering requesting investigations by the State Attorney General’s Office and the State Board of Elections.

The Democrat City Chairman also blasted republican Alderman At Large candidate Larry Eggert for failing to timely file accurate reports with the State Board of Elections. “The local newspaper caught Eggert’s failure to report campaign contributions and expenditures forcing him file the missing, inaccurate and incomplete reports just hours after the newspaper brought his omissions to light.

“This is a former City Police Chief, who once took an oath of office to uphold the law, who got caught trying to evade campaign finance rules. It’s just shocking,” declared Sherrie “but something republicans have a long track record of doing.”

Sherrie also accused 2nd Ward Republican endorsed candidate Amanda Farrell of colluding with party officials to hoodwink voters. “I caught her purposely misleading democrat primary voters not once, but twice. She tries to paint herself as an independent but her financial disclosure statements paint a very different picture.”

“She’s bought and paid for by the Maziarz/McCaffrey republican machine put up against Democrat Anita Mullane who is fighting the hardest to bring true transparency and accountability to city government. In September I said Farrell should have the integrity to withdraw from the race but she didn’t. Now her true colors are revealed by her Board of Election filings. Voters shouldn’t be misled by her again,” declared Sherrie.

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