Robert Pascoal, NF City Council Candidate, DELINQUENT on City Property Taxes

November 3rd, 2017

Robert Pascoal, NF City Council Candidate, DELINQUENT on City Property Taxes

The Niagara Falls Democratic Party is disappointed to learn that Mr. Pascoal has been lying to the residents of Niagara Falls. 

Mr. Pascoal speaks often about "fiscal conservatism," which now makes sense considering he has withheld so much money in owed taxes from the City of Niagara Falls...there is nothing more "conservative" than that. 

This begs the question, how does one expect to be a "watchdog," as Mr. Pascoal likes to say, when he cannot even adequately take care of his own affairs? How does one believe that he is above the law? Does Mr. Pascoal think he is better than the residents in Niagara Falls for which he is attempting to represent?

More importantly, if Mr. Pscoal did indeed pay off these delinquent taxes, was it only after the delivery of this mailer bringing the issue to light that he ran to City Hall and paid it off?

It appears obvious that there is no line the CIty Republicans will not cross in an effort to get a candidate elected this election season. 

-Gordon Stewart

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Posted by DemNoMore on November 4th, 2017 1:59pm
This organization has stooped to a new low. Publishing this garbage is what is wrong with this city, this state and this country. Tell lies until you're in office and then deny the unfortunarte truths you create. I know Mr Pascoal and is a good man. For you to intentionally slander him with these outright lies is a testament to our new leader in Gordon Stewart. A spoon-fed child who has a job because of his daddy. Now he wants to knock down others who actually made something of themselves without the need for a civil servant paycheck, benefits and retirement. This is a disgusting tactic put into effect by disgusting individuals with Nick and Gordon running the circus. Shame on all of you. Ida is spinning in her grave.
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