Statement from Chairman Nick Forster on Falls Republican Chair Bill Carroll

November 3rd, 2017

Statement from Chairman Nick Forster on Falls Republican Chair Bill Carroll



County Chairman Nicholas Forster, on behalf of the Niagara County Democratic Committee, demands the resignation of Bill Carroll from his position as Chairman of the Niagara Falls Republican Party

Voters and the public have a right to expect that those in leadership positions of political parties are honest and trustworthy; or at least that’s how we operate within the Niagara County Democratic Committee.

The recent disclosure of the sordid past of Niagara Falls Republican Chair Bill Carroll once again makes clear the long-standing attitude of the GOP in Niagara County of “the public be damned.” Basically, that they are above the law.

While the Niagara County Democrats are a party that encourages second chances, there are some examples where the risk is too great to entrust someone having almost a handful of prior felony convictions with responsibilities that impact the selection of candidate for public office and the process of electing such candidates in free and open elections.

The convictions of Mr. Carroll – including two felony convictions for grand larceny and one felony count of forgery - presents such an example. Not only has Mr. Carroll selected candidates to represent the Niagara Falls Republican Party, but he has thrown fundraisers and accepted money on its behalf over the years with absolutely no oversight or accountability. It begs the question, did all of the money that was raised make its way into the coffers of the City Republican Party?  

More troubling is that Mr. Carroll has been allowed to operate as a poll worker/watcher for the Niagara County Board of Elections for numerous years. Given his felony conviction for forgery, you can understand how being around ballots and voting machines is concerning.

Accordingly, Bill Carroll should resign as City Republican Chairman and as a Republican Election Inspector. If he fails to quit the inspector position, I call upon Republican Election Commissioner Jennifer Fronczak to immediately remove him. Nothing less than the above steps should be considered satisfactory.

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